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Submitted on
October 16, 2002
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Have you heard it lately?
The sweet, gentle sound
that sweeps and touches
your soul
into a whole
new different place
where all is possible
and there's nothing
but smiles and laughter,
a certain joy in forever
in you.

and wispy clouds
float in sky-blue skies;
twinkling stars
and whisking comets
that fall and rise
with every breath
and everything,
a rising crescendo
does your heart sing;
Have you heard it lately?
A search for happiness, or something close.
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chamunan Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2003
Thatpoem is just too happy for me. :D (Big Grin)
But it's still good.
bravesville Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2003
Damn, that's amazing, and writen so fucking effortlessly. I love this. great work.


-- peace easy
arleetec Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002
I agree wih coop. I just love reading your poems teef. It just makes me start to think of all these thoughts I have bottled up inside my mind.
cooper Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2002
not lately but I have heard it many a time, lots of time after reading your lovely writings. :O (Eek) keep up the wonderful work I hope things are well with u, take care :O (Eek)
teop Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2002
a faithful reminder to the things we often overlook. we often get so caught up in our own personal microcosms that a simple look at the sky above can remind us how much more there is to life. excellent words.
keen Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2002   Writer

a fine, beautiful read tiff. ta!

skyOrange Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2002
yes :) (Smile)

this is a welcome change from your usual, Tiff. but as with all your other poems, this one contains heart.
-tank Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2002
wish i had...this is amazingly written...the overall happiness or almost bliss that this poem radiates is amazing

-=don't fear to imagine=-
dreamz13 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2002
I haven't heard that sweet and gentle sound lately but I hope that you have heard it and perhaps then I might be able to share in your joy then.
savis Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
I only hear it when it rains... your words are great for bringing me to those sweet moments and lifting the veil of darkness in front of my eyes.
*Major hugs*
// A
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