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February 8, 2002
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In the months that I've spent on deviantART, I've met numerous people of all ages and from all walks of life, joined together as a community by a single entity: the love of and for art. It didn't matter whether one was into poetry, wallpapers, 3D abstract images, prose, indyart or freehand; what mattered was the love shared for works that spilled forth from heart, soul and mind.
Many times have I sat in front of my computer screen and cried for no other reason except for the fact that I was, clichéd as it may sound, moved to tears. Some works I understood more than others, and this was because deviantART not only allowed us to share our works: it let us interact, meet, greet and debate at large whatever the topics may be. The community that existed here was a step above others, because it was not based purely on interaction or art alone; both elements combined gave an even more honest view into an individual's soul and personality, and with that, knowing a person made their works contain and exude more than before.
Everyone has a bit of the artist in them, no matter how good or bad, talented or raw their works are. Personally, the ones which move me the most are those created with pure emotion. It is through these pieces that I meet people who simply amazed me with their sensitivity towards life, society and themselves. However, the beautifully created pieces, whether written, drawn, or created with a mouse/wacom, came at a price: self.
I could cite numerous friends who I have the privilege to know that are hurting inside. It is a hurt so deep and profound, that all I ever want to do is wish, hope and perhaps even try, to ease this burden of theirs.

'tis lonely on the moon.
Life grows cold, one grows old
too soon, too soon.

We all feel lonely, sometime or another. There are days when we feel that no one cares, that nothing's worth anything, that the daily doses of pain reach a stage where it is unbearable. A burden on the soul that rips us apart. And through it all, we're alone. Frustration at our inability to make a change, a difference. Nothing but bleakness and shadows that envelope us in complete darkness. Falling, broken, torn. Alone.
We're not. Honestly we're not. No matter how bleak the days and nights, we're never alone. There's always someone, even if just one, who cares. Always. And more often than not, there are more people out there who give a damn than you'll ever know.

Think what you will:
that life passes you by
that nothing stands still
that people try
your patience
your faith
your strength.
I say hold on
be strong.
That you have faith in what you call true
Honest reflection in no one but you
Let all else go, they matter naught
What matters is your self you sought.

Remember: however bleak and trying times are, however awful someone's treated you, however cruel words spill forth from people, whether strangers, people you once thought were your friends, even family (yes, they can be cruel); there are others who are better, kinder, nicer. Never, ever think that you're not worth it. Everyone deserves a kind word, a helping hand, a friendly grin, a loving smile, hug and touch. Everyone deserves to be reminded why they are special in their own unique way.

Take my hand
and we'll go for a walk
Where I'll show you
nothing new
But something unique;
Something ignored
But always we seek.

Sunshine: warm in its embrace
Bright charming rays that touch our face
A reminder of burning flame in the dark
Dancing beams of luminance so stark
You can't touch it, but feel it true
Revel in the light that shines on you.

This world is made up of all kinds of people. Remember that. We can't appreciate the good without the bad. We can't control everything around us, but we can do our best in making the slightest, smallest change that may make or break a person's spirit. Be kind. And be strong. We are special, each and every one of us. No matter what others say, we are. Special, unique, courageous. We are who and what we believe ourselves to be, and many times, we surpass even that.

No words
Just thoughts
blesséd be
dreams hand-wrought.
in pain,
but wash away
with rain
of tears;
Conquered fears.

Dream of sunshine,
shooting stars,
broken bars.
No more chains, only
smiled memories.
Bittersweet present;
once in sorrow,
but no more.
It's a beautiful tomorrow.

Of community, of people, of friends. I apologize if I don't make much sense; I lack sleep. However, I felt that I had to put these words up, if only to remind myself to be kind, to be honest, to be the best that I can be.
I'm not trying to be preachy, I'm not trying to impose my belief on others. Call me idealistic, stupid, gullible, but I truly believe that everyone is capable of kindness.
The stanzas were inspired by the lovely people that populate this site. Some more so than others.

Just thoughts
I share,
just words
show care.
just smiles
and hope,
just dreams;
you'll cope.

My head throbs; I need sleep.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2002-03-19
In Thoughts, woozster speaks of a community of lonely people bound by profound, deep emotion. "Dream of sunshine" she tells us in a moment of selfless encouragement that only hints of her devotion to Come, dip your hands in this literary pool of hope and wash your soul clean. picked by keen. (Selected by +skyorange) ( Featured by skyOrange )
Lucix Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2004
Beautifull. You can feel the emotion!
garfield101 Featured By Owner May 25, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is a truly good piece makes me feel warm inside this should be favorite at most! Great one btw.
cooper Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2002
congrats on the DP.... a wondeful piece.... truly a masterpiece as with all ur works, the emotion, and feelings..... damn ur good.... :O (Eek) see ya around.
* Take Care And May God Light The Path Before You *
º¤ ©ðöp ¤º
kni Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2002
This is so true
i owe it 2 deviantart,
you have my praise.
Thou art a god?.
urbanparadox Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2002
the part when you say no matter what there other people who are kinder is just the best it just and simply true and that make me think i love that when something make me think...this is the best you got a great mind...i hope your father get better...
paradox...existing in every mind...
jsenn Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2002
Can I join you and skyOrange. You said all this so beautifully at a time when it is greatly needed.
JHeart Y
chaosboy Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2002
Wow...So beautiful and inspiring..I'll leave it at that. Beautiful.
orbital Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
You have all of my respect, tiff.
Thank you so much for writing this and putting your all into it.
I could not have written this better.
I don't think anyone could have.

Welcome to my favorites.
I sincerely hope that everyone here reads this.

-orb Rose
-muse- Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2002
Beautiful and inspiring indeed. These are thoughts that we all sort of know in our hearts, but just need to actually hear (or read) to really believe, to really feel and understand them...
How kind of you to remind us all of the pure and wonderful goodness within each of us, within everyone around us (within you for writing this).
Thank you. This is something I can see myself reading again and again as a reminder of that goodness whenever things begin to weigh on me. (thank you, thank you)

be well
tcrud Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2002   Writer

thank you so much.

those words were beautiful, and they would have helped a lot during that time.

:) (Smile)

you have no idea how much those words can change someone's life. some people really needed to hear them. and i hope that there are others who can relate and who can read this and feel a lot better.

i can't even express what i'm thinking or feeling right anymore...
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